Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Manifesto #6 - 1st Birthday!!!

and here we are, a year and a day later than my first inaugural post for my very first blog. 2008 had alot of postings, as my OCD manifested in sleepless nights of writing all the things about food that i had been constantly thinking about and stored away for "another day." luckily, i couldn't bear keeping everything in my head and had a prolific period. however, this affected my day job (or, night job, rather) and i had to make myself stop for balance. after this i had a few life changing experiences, lived without a computer and internet for a little while, was very busy, and perhaps was trying to build up some cerebral inspiration aka PROCRASTINATION GOLD!

so a year later, i finally start writing again, and i'm glad. thank you to all my readers; i hope you've enjoyed the experience and the greater story that is unfolding. here's to my 1st year and many more to come!!!

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