Sunday, September 14, 2008

Manifesto # 3 - Copyright and Plagiarism Protection


So I just added copyright and plagiarism protection; two things that anyone seriously involved with some sort of blog, podcast, book, website, etc.  should do.  I feel it is of most importance, not only for my own written work, but for the future contributing writers to the blog (of which I already have two.  WOO HOO!!!)  

I hope any other bloggers reading this will consider this for their own blog (if you haven't already).  You can click on the banners (bottom right) to learn more.  I'll be able to sleep better now.


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Xopher Lance said...

Maybe I should do this, too. Speaking of Foster's Lager, NO ONE in Australia drinks it! I haven't even seen it since I've been here -- apparently they make it just for export; no self-respecting Aussie would be caught drinking the stuff. Sort of like no American would ever drink something as bad as Budweiser. Oh, wait...