Monday, September 8, 2008

Manifesto #1 - Inaugural Blog

i have succumbed; my first official blog.  subject = food.  why you should read this?  i'm no foodie, but a professional chef.  i don't seek to critique food, and i don't plan on telling you where you should eat, nor claim to discover a new place.  my aim is to give you the experience of food, whether it be a great meal with friends, a particularly fantastic (or horrific) day/night working the line, and perhaps some philosophical musings.  

i have chosen the title "Umami Mama", because i have, what i call a "fat tooth".  some people have a "sweet tooth" where they wouldn't be happier eating chocolate, desserts of any kind, and always have some kind of candy at hand.  others have a "salty tooth" where they can't get enough soy sauce on their rice, love the salt and vinegar potato chips, and at the dinner table, always puts salt on their food before tasting.  they even put salt on their watermelon and cherries (although, this actually does make them taste better).  

i have a "fat tooth" because i love to eat rich foods: cheese, eggs, rib-eye steaks, sometimes i even drink straight cream.  i love to slather room temp butter on my baguette and add pate, and cheese on top.  i also love carpaccio, steak tartare, bloody marys, burgers charred med rare with bacon/bleu cheese/ avocado; pretty much anything savoury, full flavored and protein rich.  i've also been called a hot little mama in the kitchen, so "Umami Mama" it is.   

hope you enjoy this....


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Chef TJC said...

just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me with the article on tapas nice work, sometimes the best ideas come from the strangest places.... Chef TJC