Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guilty Pleasures #2 - Cadbury's Chocolate Recall

back in late September of this year, my co-worker Sereyrith returned from a month vacation in Australia.  i was happy to see his return, as he is a great cook and person to work with.  he came bearing gifts of  boomerangs and luscious Cadbury's chocolate dairy milk bars.  if you've never had real Cadbury's that is made in england, seek it out.   you can buy them online or if you are lucky enough to live near a shop that sells everything for the anglophile, such as the London Food Co. or Ye Olde Kings Head Shoppe (which is also connected to a pub of the same affiliation) you can find them and eat them immediately.  i had read a great article about British chocolates from The New York Times not too long before, and was excited to get a real Cadbury's from Australia.  mine had hazenuts and when i got home from work that night i ate about half the bar.  

the next morning i woke up and decided to have cadbury's breakfast while reading my internet blogs and email.  i decided to read more about cadbury's and did a search which lead me to this article  on how the cadbury's chocolates in the U.S. were safe from being recalled for possible melamine additives in the milk (which can cause renal failure) and that they were only being recalled from Asia and Australia.  I finished reading the article, took another bite of my rich and creamy cadbury's, then realized that, yes...THIS BAR WAS FROM AUSTRALIA!  i looked at the packaging and, yes...THIS BAR WAS FROM AUSTRALIA AND MADE IN HONG KONG!

i ate another piece.  

i thought about the article and how renal failure would possibly manifest itself if i was affected. kidney damage, huh?  irreversible?  would i need a colostomy bag in the future?

i ate another piece.  

i re-read the article and was pleased that the recall was only a precaution and that the chocolate was probably fine (yeah right, they only write things like that to prevent mass hysteria).

i ate a chunk.

i realized that i was either really stupid or had no fear of food as i've had food poisoning many times (hmmm, for one to have had food poisoning so many times, is that not an indication of stupidity?).

i wrapped up the chocolate and put it back in the pantry.  that was about two weeks ago.  five small little squares are left.  i haven't thrown it away and i don't want to.  i want to eat it all. i'm even thinking about eating the last five little squares after writing this post.  the possibility of it being lethal, deadly, poisonous, has given it an irresistible taboo status.  all i need is to eat fugu and have this chocolate as dessert.

but hey, it's been TWO WEEKS and i'm FINE!  that chocolate is damn tasty and it was a gift.  a very sweet gift. yum.  i want to eat it, but now i'm relishing in denying myself the gratification. leave it to the british to make a food that could incite Victorian Repression; i am a depraved chocolate maniac with a fetish for melamine poisoning, but it's so wrong to eat it, to taste it, but i want it and that makes me bad, very very bad so now i must go and whip myself and lace my corset too tight as punishment....

ahem.  got carried away there.  i better go to sleep now, but there's one more thing i have to do....


Gastronomer said...

EAT IT! I think government warnings are silly ;-) In fact, I ate lunch at B-graded restaurant yesterday and found it spic and span.

Umami Mama said...

b and c rated restaurants are the BEST! and, (i did eat it).