Saturday, October 11, 2008

Manifesto #4 - Reference and Links, What I'm Eating Now and Pics


I am happy to have logged in a total of 25 (and now 26 counting this one) posts on the blog since starting in late September this year.  Just a few updates:

1.  If you've noticed any sort of references or definitions in the posts, i most likely will have found this info from wikipedia.  love it or hate it, it works for me.  any other writing not my own will be cited.

2.  As an example from the above, anything in light green will be a link to click on for more information.  It may seem redundant, but I was asked why the text was a different color by some less tech savvy readers, so just wanting to be clear.  

3.  I added a "What I'm Eating Now" section on the right side of the page as a kind of homage to the book Everything I Ate by Tucker Shaw.  I don't have the patience to photograph every meal I have, so most likely whatever is posted will be my breakfast or after work meals.  I find it to be a very intimate portrait, as I do believe that you are what you eat.  It will be interesting to see what I come up with.

4.  Most of the pictures I have to accompany my posts have been found on flickr or on the internet.  There have been some photos I wanted to use, but opted not to as they were copyrighted material.  I will never use any photograph that requires permission.

on a side note, i had my busiest night as lead cook so far and with the help of the crew, we had a successful night.  we have some great teamwork and it's getting to the point that everyone is able to jump onto every station to help where needed.  we also have an all female hot line, and i can't think of another restaurant that's the same.  there has already been talk of getting some cat ears to wear halloween night while working.  looks like we'll all be able to handle this coming busy season after all. hopefully the prep work won't be too bad coming in the afternoon, but we all know once it's busy, it's already gone.  c'est la vie!


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